Evidence of the Hand is Jenny Yoshida Park. Under that name, she publishes small editions of her own artists' books, as well as taking on client work doing custom bookbinding, box-making, graphic design, layout, letterpress printing, and everything in between.

the name

The human eye excels at detecting patterns and flaws. When we look at the smooth, flawless surfaces associated with computer-generated art or letters, they may be pristine and beautiful, but are lacking in evidence of the creator's hand in the process of creation. The hand is capable of making thousands of sensitive varied marks on a surface with pencil, pen, marker, or any other tool. Pressure, direction, texture, and speed are all constantly modulated by the brain and hand of the artist, resulting in an ever-changing line; a wealth of idiosyncratic nooks and crannies for the eye to take delight in. I always strive to leave evidence of my hands in the crafting of every project I work on.