The Color System
Edition of 35, 2011

Masquerading as a catalogue of color swatches, like you might find in a paint store, The Color System uses strange found photos and color names to highlight some of the weirder aspects of our human nature. Organized into categories like "Pleasing in a Eurocentric Way," "Distracting Yourself From the Emptiness," and "A Fistful of Patriotism," the color names shine light on specific facets of the things we fear, desire, obsess with, love, hate, or try our best to ignore.

The color swatches are hand-painted paste paper collaged onto Arches 88 paper. Photos are archivally printed with a hinged mylar overlay of number labels. Text is letterpressed from polymer plates. The edition is limited to 35 signed and numbered copies, bound long-stitch with striped linen covers. Available in Fall 2011.

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